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Our PASSME Innovative Aircraft Seat concept is nominated for the Crystal Cabin Awards 2018

The PASSME Innovative Aircraft Seat, a finalist in the “Cabin Systems” category, makes it possible to push the seats of an Economy row together during boarding, creating more space in the aisle. The result: less congestion and quicker boarding.

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Optimares Sabre Economy Long Range Seat

This is the next step in the developing process of our Sabre Seat. The advanced platforms combined with the ultra modern design provides the passengers with the unique feature of enjoying a constant personal space throughout the flight, regardless the reclining choices of the passengers in front and around.

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Optimares. Your space.

Our high regard for people's personal welfare is what pushes us to create solutions that meet their needs and desires. We want to transform time spent traveling into time to relax, work and learn.

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optimARes: the first APP in aircraft interiors' sector

optimARes is the first iPad2 application that allows to interact with virtual models of airplane seats, directly in the real physical space using AR (Augmented Reality) technology.

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