AIX 2013: some considerations after the show…

Tue Apr 16th, 2013

This has been a different edition for us, because we have decided to attend not with our booth, but through a partnership with Poltrona Frau, the international brand of design, elegance and perfection, icon of the “Made in Italy’s values”. This choice has been guided by the intention to join and cooperate with specific excellent companies, who reached high levels of know-how and differentiation in their specific fields. We are delight to work in team with companies like these and to give, also through this choice, a real differentiation in aircraft interiors industry.

The 2013 AIX has been a good show for us: people who visited the booth of Poltrona Frau and had the chance to try our product have appreciated at first glance the original design of the seat. The Sabre seat was well received by the visitors and aroused the interest of the carriers: it is the symbol of an advanced design and shows the typical Italian manufacture. Particularly, visitors appreciated the increased space for knees, which is always maintained also when the passenger in front is fully reclined. These features, together with the headrest and the double tray table design, have proven the most successful elements. The materials also, especially Poltrona Frau’s leather, allowed us to realize a different product, giving to the seat a new feeling and a superior sense of quality. This product is a project constantly under development: therefore we’ll consider all people’s feedbacks to improve it.



We think AIX has shown some specific trends in aircraft interiors industry that all the companies involved in this field should keep in their mind and in their development projects: the topic of space – especially for first class seats, the development of lighter weight seats, the use of innovative materials, the goal to meet the needs of the passengers of size, the understanding of new “communication habits” of flyers, who use more often their own personal devices and mobile tools.

These are just a few of those trends that the visitors of AIX had the possibility to experience.. But in addition to these ones, we’d like just to underline the importance of comfort and design items, able to give a change in the fly experience. We want to take care about people’s wealth, when they fly: we think flying is an extraordinary activity..perhaps one of the few activities in which you can have a break from the frenzy of everyday life. A moment of relax: that’s our purpose.

Design should be functional and able to improve people’s life. This is the guideline in our future projects and the intention that has driven us in the development of our last products.

In the next future, we’d like to meet you here, in this field of debate and discussion… Innovation and functional design are terms and branches that don’t have only one field of application.. We think they are ways of doing and thinking that unify all the human activities, beyond the different industries. So we’d like to share these ideas, because they are part of our attitude, and because we think it’s strategic to talk about them and confront ourselves with each others..this is the way of growing and improving our mind, life, work and wealth.

…And you? What does innovation mean for you? Actually, is there enough innovation in our industry?


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