ARIA Seat conquering the 2018 AIX

Fri Apr 27th, 2018

 The results of a strong team and know-how aimed to get better worldwide travellers experience.

Aria seat was the real lead of the stand: a success to catch everyone's eyes in its first revealing. Three days to show our worth, our determination. 
As John Walton discovered,reporting in his article, "The concept is one of those  The concept is one of those genius why-hasn’t-it-been-done before questions. Aisle-side seats are set alternately back-to-back and toe-to-toe, but between the toe-to-toe pairs is a gangway cutout allowing access to both of the window pairs, also back-to-back."

The seat is entirely made in carbon fibre in all its design elements. We haven’t used pallets — it’s not palletised, it’s plinths only around the furniture. The way we certify our seat is what solves that problem. The seat structure itself is 16G, and that’s fixed to the floor and it stays there, and it can’t be customised. All the furniture that’s built around it is 9G, and it can be very easily removed and customised. 
This Aircraft Interiors Expo was memorable, for the support of all of you to share this vision, to be part of innovative ideas in in-flight future.



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