The new way of sleeping at the airport

Tue Apr 08th, 2014

Do you need a nap between two flights?

Do you need a moment of relax during your break at the airport?

Maybe you would try one of the new “sleeping pods”, installed at the Abu Dhabi International Airport during the last week.



Read this article: Airport’s world-first ‘sleeping pods’ allow private naps for passengers

This is an example of what we think about the concept of design: Design should be functional and able to improve people’s life. In this case this “object” helps people to have a better and more restful time at the airport. We know how a travel can be stressful and tiring…especially for those people who have to travel a lot for work.

Have you ever tried an “experience” like this? Would you like to try it? Or wouldn’t it be easy at all for you to sleep there?

Share your thoughts with us.


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