Alessandro Braca

Alessandro Braca is the Optimares CEO. He started his career as a Business Analyst for McKinsey & Co. and is now a seasoned aircraft seating industry executive.

“I’m a husband and father of three children. At home I like to share with my family, my child-like enthusiasm and discovery of the world. My family is my true inspiration, as well as my sounding board for all of my ideas.

More than just a passion, I have an idea of ‘holding’ the space that surrounds us in our everyday lives. Not only to produce or create but to also grow, develop relationships, and understand people and their behaviors.
Optimares allows me to capitalize on years of experience in my field as well as a traveler.

When I spend time on the road, I like to experience the quality comforts that enable me to do my job, to have the possibility of working, relaxing or spending some time with my family during a long journey.

Optimares is going to be a great company. It will be just the right size to sustain its quality offer. It will be both established and a pioneer in its innovation and ability to share its strategy with customers.”


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