Marco Tonucci

Marco Tonucci is the Director of Marketing and Sales for Optimares.

Marco is a qualified and experienced Senior Sales Professional with expertise in sales management, business development, market strategy building and business promotion.

“I’m always searching for details in the products that are satisfying and intriguing …I also like to know that I can make a difference”.

In my life, I enjoy the details of all my passions. I see myself as an airplane … watching everything that flies by, and how it carries you away with mind, time and space!

I’ve taken on this new professional adventure with Optimares, because after years of traveling as a passenger I really feel that I know our customers and what they want!

When traveling in premium class, the flight takes on a completely different flavor. I like to be treated the same way my clients expect me to treat them. With smiles as you embark the aircraft, a welcome cocktail, as though I’ve returned home after a long absence.

I see Optimares in 10 years as the ‘talk of the town’! The one company suppliers will race to get the best of best!


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