Tiziana De Martino

Tiziana De Martino is the Business Management Director for Optimares. She is a Program Management and Product Support specialist with over ten years experience in the aircraft and train carriage interiors industry.
”I am a mother, a wife, and a professional … And I’m in love with family, my work and my life!

I have many passions… maybe because I choose to live life dictated by my passions. I live with all of my experiences, especially the ones in my daily life, which is what makes them so special. I love everything that surrounds and energize me…as colors and style do.

I see Optimares as my new professional adventure, because I love the work I do and recognize how I’ve grown the past 13 years. I am now ready to take on any challenge and the idea of building something from the ground up is very exciting. It’s the right time for me to do it!

When I travel, I am very anxious and excited to get there, but also eager to enjoy the journey itself! Whether it’s for business or pleasure, has to be a great experience.
I see the future of Optimares as a dream that can shine its light brightly! A company where people are happy and proud to be part of the same vision!”


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